Portobello Road Gin Savoury - 700ml - 42%

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The seventh expression from London’s Portobello Road core range, Portobello Road Savoury Gin is a sugar-free Mediterranean-inspired gin that has been designed for restaurateurs and foodies. Admittedly, its creation has become understood as a kick-back from all of the sweet and fruity gin iterations now available in an effort to shake things up a little and show that gin doesn’t need to hide behind a floral or fruity identity to be popular. Seen as a rebel-move by the distiller, to remind gin lovers that true gins are juniper-led and hint at more savoury notes, the gin is pegged as a hat-tip to gin and its truly traditional origins with a juniper nose and a moreish range of supporting botanicals, while also identifying itself as a ‘new style’ of gin simply to stand out from the crowd.

Ideal for Martinis, or as an aperitif, this gin has Calabrian bergamot peel, Sevillian green gordal olives, rosemary and Mediterranean sea salt amongst its juniper-led botanicals.



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