Mizubasho Artist Series Sake - 720ml - 15%

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A new breeze is wafting through the traditional world of sake. The MIZUBASHO Artist Series brings you the “Nagai Style” in these fun and casual sakes to enjoy at any dining occasion. This artist collaboration series features stylishly designed bottles with a beautiful label illustrated with a Mizubasho.

The mizubasho is a plant that grows naturally, especially in cold regions, where the water is pure. It appears like a pretty white fairy when it begins blooming quietly in thawing water. The MIZUBASHO brand aims to make sake that is beautiful and pure, just like the mizubasho flowering in pure water. 

There are three sakes in the new lineup—sparkling, still, and dessert. The MIZUBASHO Artist Series offers new possibilities for enjoyment based on the concept and story behind the sake, not on the traditional characteristics of rice-polishing ratio or category, such as junmai-shu or ginjo-shu unique to sake.



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