Beer Lao IPA - 330ml - 5%

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We are proudly to share with you our latest launch on Beerlao IPA Limited Edition in Crafty Line

We add new variant "Beerlao IPA Limited Edition" to our Beerlao line! As part of the trade up category job for Beerlao, we have innovated with the Beerlao crafty line extension, leveraging the strong equity of the brand. It’s a bold effort for LBC to solidify Beerlao’s reputation as a vibrant, innovative brand, and allow Beerlao to appeal to and stay relevant with the younger generation. 

The crafty line of Beerlao is in response to the changing consumer and market landscape, and in an effort to give our loyal consumers more exciting choices, as well as offer a compelling reason to attract new consumers. The crafty beer positioning was chosen for the line extension because craft beer has been growing healthily in many markets.

As popular as English beers, particularly IPA, have become among beer lovers, we want to do our part to keep craft beers fans in the loop when it comes to Beerlao crafty line. 

The aroma is fresh and marked by a hoppy bouquet with notes of elder-flower. The taste is malt balanced with a nice bitterness in the aftertaste.



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