Amahagan Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish - 700ml - 47%

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Amahagan Edition No. 3 Mizunara Wood Finish is the third whisky produced by Nagahama Distillery, and the third in the World Malts series consisting of blends of new malts distilled on site in Japan with malts imported from abroad.

Based on Blended Malt N°1, this blended malt presents a glimpse of the future character of the young distillery's whiskies by highlighting the blending work of the Master Blender. This first series of whisky has been named Amahagan which represents the name of the Nagahama distillery read from right to left. 

Finished in Mizunara (Quercus Crispula) casks, the famous Japanese oak, to emphasize the influence of different cask types during aging, Amahagan Edition N°3 Mizunara Wood Finish expresses a rich and complex profile with fruity notes of citrus fruits such as orange, gurmand notes of dark chocolate and oriental sugar, and spicy notes typical of whiskies aged in Mizunara casks.

Located on the site of Roman Beer Brewery on the shores of Lake Biwa, Nagahama is Japan's smallest distillery and is among Japan's emerging distilleries. Inaugurated in 2016, it is equipped with the smallest stills of the archipelago whose atypical shape is reminiscent of Arab constructions from which they derive their nickname "aranbics".



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