8 Reasons Why Banning Online Alcohol Sales Is Wrong

  1. Technology enables tracking of consumers age, location, and time of sale.

Instead of forbidding online sales, the law maker should push for better control through technology. Website owners could get a copy of the ID cards upon ordering, record delivery times, and require ID identification upon delivering.

  1.   It’s more difficult for underaged to buy online than offline. 

When ordering online, you need a physical address, and a credit card. Physical address for underaged mean “at mum and dad’s”, so not easy to sneak in alcohol. The grand majority don’t have a credit card. Buying alcohol at convenient stores or mom and pop’s shops is much easier.

  1.   It goes against the government’s promotion of E-Commerce and technology innovations.

As Thailand is heavily promoting Thailand 4.0, this new law limits innovation and further prevent investments from both local and foreign investors by sending a wrong signal.

  1.   It doesn’t promote Social Distancing in the context of current Covid crisis

Closing online channels mean you will have to physically go to your liquor store

  1.   Home drinking is a safer option than drunk driving

It’s safer to consume alcohol at home, than going out and drive back home. Isn’t it?

  1.   It limits consumers choice and access to information on products.

Consumers spend a great amount of time searching the internet looking for product information before making a buying decision. The web also allows prices comparison and products availability.

  1.  It will eventually kill many small businesses 

    that are producing, importing, retailing and delivering alcoholic products. Jobs will be lost, investors will shy away.
  1.   Tax earnings for the government will be lost. 

    Taxes on alcohol are a large contributor to Thailand taxes: Import tax, excise tax, VAT, etc.


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