Eichbaum Premium Lagerbier Hell (Can) - 500ml - 4.9%

รวมภาษี ค่าจัดส่ง ฟรีเมื่อสั่งครบ 2,000 บาทขึ้นไป 85 บาทถ้าต่ำกว่า

Duff is Homer Simpson's beer of choice. It is a parody of stereotypical mass-market American lager: cheap, poor-quolity, and heavily marketed everywgere. The beer's slogan is "Can't" Get Enough of That Wonderful Duff"' though there are others. In the season four episode, "Duffless", parking lot signs at the Duff brewery have the slogans "It's Always Time For Duff" and "Now Leaving Duff Country". In the first season episode,"Homer's Obyssey", Duff is described as "The beer that makes the days fly by".



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