8 of the most hilarious beer commercials ever

8 of the most hilarious beer commercials ever

Each year on the first weekend of February the largest sporting event in the US takes place. This event sees two of the US’s best American football teams come together to do battle on the gridiron for the Vince Lombardi trophy. Many of us know this event not as the “Vince Lombardi trophy competition” but as the Super Bowl. This year, the Super Bowl will be played in New York on February 2 with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Denver Broncos.

Through four periods the teams will throw, run, kick, intercept and even block the ball in what is bound to be a thrilling, for football fans at least, game. In the US you will see bars throwing massive parties and many people will have their friends over to watch the game. This will mean a lot of beer will be drunk, in fact it is estimated that American’s will purchase 51.7 million cases of beer (12-24 cans of beer) for the day.

That’s a ton of beer - almost enough for every person in Thailand to have at least 7 cans each with some left over. You can bet that a large percentage of this beer will be macro Lagers like Budweiser or Coors, but craft beers will also share a percentage of the sales.

There is little doubt that the Super Bowl is a great thing for the beer industry. In an effort to sell more beer during this period, big name brewers like Budweiser and Coors purchase commercial time. If you’ve ever watched American TV you would know that commercials are great the first time you see them, but you will often see the same one at least twice an hour for weeks on end. They are generally seen as annoying.

During the Super Bowl however, they are eagerly anticipated by almost every viewer because the commercials aired are often fantastic. If you’ve ever watched a commercial compilation video on YouTube, say something like “The top 10 funniest commercials from 2013” chances are high that the majority of these aired during the Super Bowl.

In fact, the majority of the best, most funny and most memorable commercials aired during the Super Bowl have been created by the big beer companies. So, in honor of the big game and the many hilarious commercials we are bound to see here, in no particular order, are eight of what we think are the funniest beer commercials out there. Some have been played during the Super Bowl, others haven't.

Bud Light - Swear Jar

This commercial aired for the first time during the 2010 Super Bowl and became a near instant success. We have all sworn before, whether we admit to it or not, and swearing to get some beer? What could be better?

Heineken - Walk in fridge

This commercial originally aired in the Netherlands and became a near instant hit in the country that brought us Heineken. It works because it plays on common stereotypes so well and I mean who wouldn’t laugh at grown men screaming for joy at the sight of a fully stocked walk-in beer fridge?

Keystone - Problem’s with modern communication

This has happened to almost everyone before: We hear someone talking and think they are talking to us. Only, they are talking on a handsfree headset and we are made to look feel a complete and utter fool.

John Smith’s Brewery - The best dog show contestant ever

I’ve never seen the point of dog shows, and apparently neither has UK-based John Smith’s Brewery. This “No Nonsense” add is great because it makes fun of what many see to be a fairly silly hobby. The fact that it involves man’s best friend doing what many dogs love to do - retrieve, while seemingly mocking dog shows makes it a pretty great commercial.

Carlton Draught - The big beer ad

A 30 second commercial spot at the Super Bowl costs around $4 million, so many of the ads tend to be super high budget and high quality, or what many refer to as “Big ads”. Carlton decided to make fun of these bigs ads, by creating a big ad. Some would call this meta, others call it funny and brilliant.

Carlton Draught - Men in slow motion

Carlton on the same list twice? Really? Yes, really. This add is too good to not put on the list. Featuring a song about Carlton sung to the same tune as Nessun dorma, it shows men doing what men do at the bar, only in slow motion. For some reason, it just works while also being simply hilarious.

Bud Light - Horse fart

If you’ve ever been horseback riding, you would probably know that horses, like every other animal, have the odd bit of gas. Holding a candle behind a horse with gas is probably not the best of ideas, as this couple finds out in this oddly funny commercial.

Big Rock - Watch what you say

Each year, Calgary, Canada based brewer Big Rock hosts an award show called the Eddies which showcases the best commercials created by people in and around the city for Big Rock. This was one of the winners back in 2010. In Canada, light beer is widely seen to be not only light in calories, but also light in taste. Big Rock set out to change this and released Jack Rabbit. In truth, it was actually the best light beer I have tasted and some drinkers really could not tell that it was a light beer.

What is your favorite beer commercial? Let us know in the comment section below.


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