Hanami Dry Gin - 700ml - 43%

  • ลดราคา
  • ราคาปกติ 939 ฿
รวมภาษี ค่าจัดส่ง ฟรีเมื่อสั่งครบ 2,000 บาทขึ้นไป 85 บาทถ้าต่ำกว่า

It's not for nothing that the Samurai have chosen their true symbol of the fragile cherry blossom. Like a petal dropping in the morning sun and serene floating to earth , so must the gin courageously apart from life, silent and inwardly unmoved let 'Hanami dry gin is a unique dry gin distilled from traditional botanicals such as coriander , angelica, juniper berries and bitter orange. In addition, the cherry blossom is exceptional and balanced gin for all lovers of gin.



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