Weihenstephaner Braupakt Limited Edition - 330ml - 6%

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The amber, cloudy white wheat beer is a limited community compote created in collaboration with the American craft beer pioneers of Californian brewery Sierra Nevada.In the Antrunk convinced the brewing act with his aroma game from the fine banana yeast and the mild base bitterness from the Hallertau hop tradition. This is joined by a refreshing grapefruit note from the American hops Chinook and the fruity peach and apricot flavor of the hop variety Amarillo, rounded off by the slight sweetness of the used caramel malt. The fine, fresh body of Hefeweißbieres develops a harmonious mouthfeel on the finish. A creamy foam crown adorns the brewing act. Fits exotic and spicy-hot dishes with fish, meat and seafood.



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