Villa Zarri 22 Years Blended Brandy - 500ml - 45%

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Villa Zarri Italian Brandy 22 year old is a premium blend of 9 different Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo wines from the 1987 and 1988 harvest, aged a minimum of 22 years in small French limousine and Allier cask, however the tasting age is much higher due to the blending of a range of various older brandies. To achieve its deep complexity and texture the blend is matured for a further year before bottling.Villa Zarri dates back to 1578. Since three generations the Zarri family has been distilling wine from Trebbiano grapes that are grown from vineyards located on the hillsides of Tuscany and Romagna at 450 feet and 2100 feet above sea level.Villa Zarri Brandy is the result of excellent craftsmanship and scientific research. Flawless clear wine from Trebbiano grapes that are low in aromatic content, high in acidity and resistant to oxidation are distilled in a copper Charentais still using the artisanal discontinuous method and double distillation to capture richer aromas. The brandy is aged in small oak barrels of 350 liters. During the aging process the brandy is transferred from newer barrels to older barrels to control the tannins and oxidation, which amplifies its bouquet and complexity, the alcohol content is slowly and carefully lowered for a perfect balance and outstanding flavour profile.



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