Tuatara Copperhead - 330ml - 4.5%

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Copperhead AUTUMNAL RED RYE Additions and substitutions are largely meat and potatoes to the creative brewer. Altering the malt base is one of the more popular forms of tinkering, and the addition of rye grains to the carbohydrate regime adds flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Copperhead’s low bitterness – enhanced with Bramling Cross hops – is smooth on the palate, allowing the spicy rye to come forward. The sweet, complex aftertaste has hints of spice and fruit. It’ll slot in well at the ski lodge as you lounge on the tiger skin rug in your smoking jacket, or whatever else it is you do to while away the colder months. Taste: Smooth on the palate, the low bitterness allows the spicy rye to come forward, finishing with a complex sweet, spicy and fruity aftertaste.. Try With: Crispy pork belly, beef, stout and onion pie. Hops: English Fuggles, Goldings, Bramling Cross Malt: Rye, Aurora, Shepherd’s Delight Look: Red rye has a rich red hue with a fine white head. Aroma: Notes of spicy rye & subtle fruity hop.



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