Trentino-Alto Adige Grappa Solera di Solera(Chardonnay Barrique) - - 40%

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The Segnana grappas represent a fascinating particularity in the Italian panorama: Segnana was the first to apply the Solera aging method, typical of sherry, to grappa, which provides for the annual passage of grappa from one level to another of a five-storey pile of overlapping barrels. The result is a blend of grappa of 5 different years, of great complexity. It is produced with the marc used for the production of Ferrari bubbles: Chardonnay, with its elegance, for 40% and Pinot Nero, which gives strength and character, for the remaining 60%. The maturation of the product takes place in precious American and European woods that give spicy and vanilla hints and an intense amber color.



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