To Ol Yule Maelk - 375ml - 15%

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In Denmark we are very fond of Christmas beers. In fact, most of December goes with drinking Christmas beers while chewing on fat duck, pork roast, red cabbage and herrings left in vinegar for months. To say it lightly, the expectations for making a Christmas beer is high, considering children are getting cubic meters of presents and the entire family is gathered together for this time of the year. We have already served you Snowball, a crisp brett winter saison that will ease all things up, we gave you Frost Bite, a APA with pine needles and orange peel, we gave you Shameless Santa, with Belgian references and we even took the freedom of barrel aging it. Then there is one kid left on the block – Jule Mælk. Our so far strongest beer, bumped up to 15% ABV and loaded and loaded and loaded with lactose, just until it couldn’t get any more heavy. You could say this is the Foie Gras force-feeding edition of a beer. But then again, it is Christmas after all…But we had to celebrate something this year – Perhaps that we lost a lot of our country to the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Confederation during the Second Schleswig War 150 years ago or perhaps celebrate that Tore and Tobias started studying at the Det Frie Gymnasium Highschool and met Mikkel 10 years ago. So: Why not get the best Sherry and Cognaq barrels and age it on both, then mix it back together as the perfect Christmas beer? This is Yule Mælk! We like it and we definitely hope that you will like it!



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