To Ol Releaf ME - 330ml - 5.8%

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Style: Belgian Blonde Ale with Thai Lime LeavesMalts: Pilsner, Flaked oats, Wheat, Melanoidin, BiscuitHops: Nelson Sauvin, Citra What do you look for in a beer inspired and to compliment Asian food, or when you’re going to the beach? Probably you imagine this beer. A bright and refreshing Belgian Blonde Ale, a great pallet cleanser between meals, infused and brewed with the freshest Thai Lime Leaves. Lime aromas on the nose turns to a sweet fruit flavour, counteracted by the dry Nelson Sauvin and bitterness from Citra. Drink with Thai or Asian food to have your mind blown. Kick back on a sandy beach with a blue sea to enjoy it in it’s naturaæ habitat.



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