The Duke Munich Dry Gin - 700ml - 45%

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A distinctive Bavarian character is created by the addition of hop blossoms and malt, which build the final two of the 13 botanicals that give this gin its unique character.
After the distillate is fused with water, a process called ‘marriage’, the gin rests for 4-6 weeks in glass bulbs. Subsequently the distillate is filled, bottled, and labelled in our brick-built manufactory to finalize ‘THE DUKE’.
THE DUKE Gin delights neatly at room temperature as well as mixed with fine additives. As a juniper giant, it remains noticeably distinctive even when mixed and maintains its characteristic flavor. As a result, it thrives in the master class of long-drinks, the Gin & Tonic. Our recommendation for the ‘perfect serve’: Merely add orange zest to complement the gin’s delicate orange flavor.



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