Tee Dawn Lemon Beer - 330ml - 2.5%

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TEEDAWN LEMONBEER – THE OUTSIDER TeeDawn Lemon Beer is our popular outsider enjoyed by beer lovers and beer haters alike. LemonBeer is the ultimate thirst quencher and is a tasty, adult alternative to coke, other soft drinks and lemonade. The refreshing taste of beer with a touch of lemon is strongly habit-forming. Gently hand-brewed in the Northeastern part of Bavaria from the following natural ingredients: Clean, gentle spring water, barley malt, hops and yeast, sugar, natural orange and lemon concentrates along with Guar Gum and natural ascorbic acid. LemonBeer is pasteurized and filtered to prevent the sugar content from causing fermentation. It contains slightly less calories than coke and similar soft drinks. Perfect with food and to provide energy and vitamins after doing sports. Ideal temperature: Ice cold Alcohol per cent: 2.5% Total calories, 33 cl: 130 cal. – 15% less calories than ordinary coke, soft drinks or lemonade