Tee Dawn Lager Cut - 330ml - 2.5%

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TEEDAWN LAGERCUT – THE CRISP ONE Gently hand-brewed in the Southeastern part of Bavaria from barley malt, hops, yeast and Europe’s finest spring water. LagerCut is bottom fermented, filtered and unpasteurized to emphasize, strengthen and preserve the many flavours of the beer. In the glass, LagerCut appears clear, light, golden and slightly pearly with white, dense foam. To the taste buds, LagerCut is fine, crisp, bitter and slightly pearly with a subdued aftertaste. LagerCut is our most popular beer. It suits almost any type of food: Lunch and meat dishes as well as Sushi, pasta, pizza, fish, soup, spicy Indian and Thai food. Ideal temperature: 5-8 degrees C Alcohol per cent: 2.7% – 40% less alcohol than regular lager and beer Total calories, 33 cl: 70 cal. – 40% less calories than regular lager and beer