Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny - 19.5L - 7%

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Delightfully hazy straw-like and roaring vividly without being overpowering is it. In the nose there are spices, freshly cut hay, clover and lemon with tinge of peach and pear. Crispy, characterful and dry is the one with refreshing floral notes and citrus as a taste-dominant, but even though it is comfortably free from sediment, it strikes me as more raw-haired and farm-bridle than Belgians like Dupont and Duvel. So there may be a little danger in it, without me going so far as to call its refreshing bitterness for bestial. Brilliant was the antidote to eliotic melancholy and as an alternative to the overweight of Easter for little sweet bocks.



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