Reichenbrander Weizen - 500ml - 5.3%

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A tingling, fruity wheat beer , mild in taste (Alc .: 5.3% vol.) 20 x 0.5l beer bottle and draft beer Original wort content: 12.70% The sommelier's rating: The Reichenbrander Weizen is in the tradition of typical Bavarian wheat beers. A beautiful orange-yellow shimmered in the glass, criss-crossed with rising carbonic acid threads, above which a firm white foam with fine pores stands. A fine scent of fully ripe banana emanates from the glass, surrounded by light citrus notes. With the first sip, the fruity banana aroma unfolds in the entire mouth, accompanied by shortbread, caramel and vanilla, before light clove and cinnamon notes become noticeable after a nice interplay of sweetness and acidity. Only a sparkling tingling becomes apparent on the tongue, which gradually turns into a creamy-soft feeling. The banana still tastes good long after the drink, supported by a very subtle bitterness. A nice, not overloaded wheat, perfect for the summer and as a refreshment in between, also the perfect companion for light salads and snacks like cheese and sausage.



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