Reichenbrander Kellerbier - 500ml - 4.8%

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A full-bodied, natural beer with a fine bitterness. (Alc .: 4.8% vol.) 20 x 0.5l beer bottle and draft beer Original wort content: 11.30% The sommelier's rating: A slightly yeast-cloudy straw yellow with a firm, medium-pored foam develops in the glass. The cellar beer shows delicate citrus notes on the nose, while a creamy, sparkling mouthfeel dominates after a sweet start. In the mouth, the cellar beer picks up the citrus tones and develops a long-lasting, strong bitterness that wants to be tamed by the next sip. This light cellar beer lives up to its name and is the perfect snack beer for the beer garden and after work.



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