Reichenbrander Dunkel - 500ml - 4.8%

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A roasted aromatic beer with a slight bitterness and a harmonious taste (alc .: 4.8% vol.) 20 x 0.5l beer bottle and draft beer Original wort content: 11.30% The sommelier's rating: The mahogany color of the beer hides a bright red glow, covered by medium-pored beige foam. The scent of caramel and nougat is reminiscent of a freshly opened bar of milk and nut chocolate. In the mouth, the roasted aromas dominate, followed by malt and nuts, followed by caramel and chocolate to finish off. After the tingling-sweet start, there are mainly malt and roasted aromas in the finish, which finish off as roasted hazelnuts. A nice, soft dark with intense chocolate aromas. Perfect with all kinds of roasts, especially beef and duck, but also a good dessert companion, for example with vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries or the classic Fürst-Pückler ice cream.



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