Oedipus Mama Pale Ale - 330ml - 5%

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Best Before : 09/2020

Our Mama is citrus hoppy and bitter fresh. We love her every day.

You know the one about the guy who unknowingly killed his father, married his mother and upon realizing what he did stabbed his own eyes out? Hahahaha. Yes, that one is hilarious.

Though it’s pretty glaring, the Oedipus <3 Mama connection is not even why we came to name her that way. She was named because when we started brewing we found that what unites us mostly, besides our dying love for beer, was the love for our Mama. That unconditional, trustworthy, warm feeling is what guides us in everything we do. And that is how our Mama went from forever in our hearts, to forever in our beers.

All roads lead back to Mama, whether you are leaving the proverbial parental home for the first time, or you’re the world weary wanderer – we all need to fall into the loving arms of Mama sometimes.

We developed Mama to showcase a low alcoholic beer (5% ABV) with tremendous flavor. Mama is dry, blond and has delicate aromas of citrus and lychee. She was meant to be a refreshing gateway beer to help people branch out, but without being overwhelming or too bitter. In addition to the bittering hops, we add multiple additions of Centennial at the end of the boil to give this beer a grapefruit-like flavor. We try to obtain a clean fermentation with an English Ale yeast strain, which adds a bit more body and fruity flavor. While being hop forward, Mama is the lightest, most easy-going beer in our hoppy beer spectrum.

This is a brew you can always come back to, just like your Mama.



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