Oedipus Gaia India Pale Ale - 330ml - 7%

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Best Before: 10/2020

A big bang of hops, yellow fruits and stardust.

Gold medal, category IPA at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2018

Gaia, mother Earth and mother of all. She’s a West Coast IPA brimming with refreshing hoppy and fruity flavors. She emanates fertile aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, cannabis and pine – much like pollen, it’s how she spreads her love.

Our Gaia is pregnant with five kinds of American hops, giving her a beautiful, thick, round body. For us, working on this brew, in a way made many of our others possible. This IPA sent our senses into exploratory overdrive with her in-your-face flavors. It laid the groundwork for new worlds of taste – Porters, Double IPAs, Barley Wines, Imperial Stouts and Sours – we could only have discovered through our work on Gaia.

The beer starts with a solid layer of base and some colored malts, which results in a 7% ABV beer. We use four different American hop varieties throughout the boil – Cascade, Columbus, Chinook and Centennial – which contribute to piney and resinous flavors. Post-fermentation we dry hop with the same four hop varieties plus Amarillo, which lends a bit of fruitiness.

All in all Gaia is a layered, intense beer. Brace yourself for the bitterness, but keep digging for the sweet stuff, fresh from the earth to your face.