Massenez De Pain D'Epice (Gingergerbread) - 700ml - 17%

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The inspiration for the Crème de Pain d’Epices liqueur comes from the “liqueur de Noel” (Christmas Liqueur), a popular drink consumed at Christmas time in Alsace. The Alsatian distillery ‘Massenez’ collaborated with Fortwneger, another iconic Alsatian company, specialising in “Lebkuchen” or Gingerbread since 1768. Fortwenger’s production is famous world wide thanks to the commissioning of real life size gingerbread creations and they’re considered a benchmark for the Alsatian pain d’Epices. For this common project, they provided their expertise in the blending of spices, so that the Massenez Crème de Pain d’Epices would become the liquid version of their own ginger breads.This Christmas will provide the perfect backdrop to use the Crème de Pain d’Epices for a ‘Christmas Sangria’, the refreshing version of the Christmas mulled wines in the northern hemisphere or even in cocktails like the ‘Normandy’. As for many liqueurs, the Crème de Pain d’Epices can be drizzled over desserts; fruit salads, ice creams, apricot tart and can be used to add an extra dimension to the preparation of an orange marmalade or quite simply, to accompany your favourite ginger bread.



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