Iron Balls Gin- 700ml - 40%

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Iron Balls Gins are defined by many layers of tastes. It is a Gin with strong masculine qualities with a slight background of tropical flavours. The component of Juniper is harmonic yet settled. A modest lemon grass note adds a very unique taste to a non conventional Gin.

IRON BALLS stands for daring men that grab life by the balls. Like its creator, Ashley R. Sutton, designer and game changer. IRON BALLS GIN is a no fuss Gin that is daring to break balls of traditional Gin making, using Juniper berries and tropical botanicals such as ginger and lemongrass. IRON BALLS GIN is produced at a micro distillery in the heart of Bangkok. Due of the small size of the distillery only a limited amount of Gin will be produced each month, therefore ingredients with the highest quality will be used. IRON BALLS chooses quality over quantity. Handmade from fermentation to distillation.



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