Glen Moray Peated Single Malt - 700ml

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Glen Moray's story begins as the Elgin West Brewery, which had made local ales since 1830, has been transformed into the whisky distillery we know so well today. Made entirely from local barley, that new make spirit is filled into an unusually wide variety of casks for the time, including Marsala wine casks and sherry casks.

It has been more than 120 years since the brand first began crafting Glen Moray in the heart of Speyside. Its rich heritage continues to inspire their single malt Scotch whisky today.

Balancing smoky intensity with our classic Speyside smoothness, this dram is a fascinating introduction to peated whiskies. It begins with barley which, unusually for Glen Moray, is dried in a peat-fired kiln, for hints of smoke. Uniting this peated barley with our traditional malted barley, Glen Moray craftsmen distill a lightly peated spirit threaded with distinctive campfire notes. Aged in American oak casks for undertones of vanilla and oak, this smoky single malt reveals a new dimension to Glen Moray.

Bottled at 40% ABV.



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