De Molen Dag & Dauw - 330ml - 7.1%

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Best Before : 04/2020
Dag & Dauw, or Den and Dew, is an almost esoteric name, but it perfectly captures the intoxicating scent of this beer due to the added bergamot. This fragrant citrus fruit has the size of orange and lemon color, but the fruit itself is inedible. The best-known is the use of essential oils in the skin of the fruit, especially as an aroma in Earl Gray tea. The juice is less acidic than lemon, but bitter than grapefruit. In our beer, bergamot first manifests itself in the aroma, which is a mixture of citrus and flower tones. After drinking, you will first feel the bread tones, but the bergamot will become more intense when swallowed and leave a juicy, sour taste that gently pulls the mouth off, not unlike the familiar tea, especially in its iced form. The finish is bitter and drier. Comprehensive, yet very refreshing IPA.



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