De Leite Fils A Papa 8 (Vin Jaune Ba Sour Blond) - 330ml - 8%

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To continue our creativity, every now and then we would like to bring out a new beer. Each time under the same name. But with a different content. The name… In each family you have a outlier. Our beer family also has a son like that now. A ‘Fils à Papa’. The brewer calls him unpredictable. After all, it is a ‘pop-up’ beer… A ‘limited edition’. Each version will only be brewed once. In batch 2014/1, we have chosen for a full amber beer of 6,5 vol. % alc. A diverse pallet of flavours emerges. At tastings, we heard ‘wood, full, rich, chocolate, smoked, whisky, herbs, Guinness-alike…’ The Fils à Papa has indeed a very rich and complex flavour exclusively created by the used malts. Nothing else was added to this beer.The beautiful silky foam layer lets you dream away from the start.