Darroze Luxe Gascon Bas Armagnac 1929 - 700ml - 43.3%

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Gascony, a territory located between the Atlantic, the Pyrenees and the Garonne, has always maintained a particular art of living. This is based on a heritage of several centuries. ARMAGNAC of course remains the perfect ambassador of this respected tradition. For more than
700 years, winegrowers, distillers, coopers, breeders, cellar masters have given Armagnac all its nobility.
Luxury in Gascony, and in Armagnac, is fueled by values ​​anchored around sharing, transmission, respect for artisanal products, high standards and excellence.
It is in this spirit that the DARROZE house sublimates its Armagnacs from the finest terroirs.
From generation to generation, old Armagnacs are carefully kept in the cellars, conditioned in Dame-Jeannes (large glass bottles of 30 to 50 liters).
Wonderful Armagnacs, as rare as they are steeped in history.
Marc Darroze, around the values ​​of authenticity and excellence, wished to sublimate some of these hidden treasures in these limited series entitled Luxe Gascon.
Luxury in Gascony is represented by this ability that producers and breeders have to keep Armagnacs for decades.
Finesse, authenticity, rarity, elegance are the words that characterize these Armagnacs packaged in specially produced crystal decanters to enhance these exceptional products.
Each batch is unique (only a few bottles), each carafe is numbered and accompanied
by a certificate authenticating the origin and the respect of all the stages allowing to testify this so particular luxury.



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