Cherry Fine Blended Whisky - 1800ml - 37%

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Image that you’re going to a birthday party, where you just know your uncle will keep telling strong stories no one wants to hear. The whole family will be there. He will be the only one speaking. But this time things will be different. This time, you will be the story-guy. So, here it is, your show-and-tell, glow-in-the-dark, Fukushima, kamicrazy whisky story. Actually, Sasanokawa Fukushima is not even whisky to begin with. Boom! Your first fun fact of the story. It is bottled at an ABV of 37% instead of the mandatory 40% by international guidelines, which is quite all right by Japanese standards. As this bottle is about as big as Godzilla, it makes up for the missing three percent with ease. Sasanokawa Fukushima was made at the old Sasanokawa distillery, best known for making Yamazakura whisky. It is a blend of Japanese malt and Scotch grain, as you often see in Japan. Sasanokawa Fukushima whisky matured for a minimum of three years in a barrel in the Fukushima prefecture between 2012-2015. That’s right, only one year after the terrible nucleair disaster that took place after a hurricane swept over the Fukushima shores. So if your uncle starts turning a tad yellow, well… you told him so. Editorial note: this whisky is not *really* radioactive, but that’s a secret between us and you. No one at the party needs to know.



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