Bottega S.p.A Grappa Prosecco 70 cl - 700ml - 38%

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Grappa is a pomace brandy and is obtained by distilling the fermented grape skins that derive from the production of wine. It is the oldest and most traditional distillate in Northern Italy and owes its name to the "graspo", a dialectal term for the "bunch". Fruit of man's ingenuity and passion, it is the result of wisdom and peasant experience capable of transforming a solid raw material in a transparent and crystalline liquid rich in multiple organoleptic sensations. Grappa Alexander represents the ideal meeting point between tradition and innovation, between the millenarian history of this fine distillate and the evolution in its production technique that has allowed to mitigate its original roughness, making it softer, more refined and elegant. A Grappa that should not be drunk but should be tasted slowly, in small sips.



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