Behemoth Arachnard the Churly Arachnid - 440ml - 9.1%

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Sometimes you get busy and shit just happens. Like you get your (former) designer to do a mock up of a cool new glass, you give him the correct spelling and he f's that up and you and your team don't catch it. Now you have a few of those and how do you explain that Arachnid has been spelled wrong. Well you make a beer with the same spelling, that's what. The tagline, "We are not here to fornicate with arachnids" was created by Asa at My Bar in Auckland. This Hazy DIPA loaded with Cryo Citra, Cryo Mosaic, Galaxy and Eldorado hops in quantities that show that we are not here to fornicate with arachnids (not here to F spiders). So welcome Arachnard the churly arachnid to the Churly-verse!



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