Update - Where is my order?

If our team already replied to you with a deliver schedule, please ignore below message.

Dear Customer,

Thanks for putting an order with us. We're on it and you'll be delivered very soon.

Please note though that this time it's possible there will be a few additional days delays delivering your order because of the following:

We've been literally submerged by orders just before the alcohol ban, during alcohol ban, just before the end of the ban, and right after the ban ended (remember that rumor that the ban would come back on May 3rd?!)...

Anyways, we're working very hard on clearing our backlog of orders, and are almost done with it now. We are now preparing orders made from last week until today. So expect to be delivered by the end of this week.

We also have a huge backlog of unanswered messages through LINE, Facebook, and emails. Our deepest apologies for communication delays, we haven't ignored your requests and will reply as soon as we can. We have a small team and simply don't have enough hands to answer everybody timely.

We know you're thirsty and excited about your order, please bear with us a little bit longer. If you don't want to wait, you can still pick up some products at our store at Wishbeer Home Bar

And to make up for the wait, our offering of a 20% Voucher for online orders + 30% discount at our bar when we re-open still stands. We'll send the voucher as soon as orders are all cleared.

Thanks for your trust and looking forward to getting back to some normal delivery and communication response times by next week. A lot to catch up on for us, thanks for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe,

Best Regards,
Jerome Le Louer on behalf of Wishbeer Team

Contact: order@wishbeer.com